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This actually applies to a lot of shows.

In general, if a producer doesn't talk about a character or in fact seems to need to be cattle prodded to talk about a character, it doesn't mean they got something good for said character or they're "hiding buried treasure." I'm REALLY tired of hearing this argument. It really means they got NOTHING for the character or don't give a crap. So please stop telling people to be patient or to trust the producer or keep faith or what not.

For example, I talk about science because I genuinely like stories about science. I don't need constant reminders to do so. I talk about food because I genuinely like food and want to talk about various issues regarding food. I don't talk about football or sports because I genuinely don't have any interest in such.

Especially if a producer is on record for non-stop gushing about another character then usually having something big or apparent going for that character.

I really feel people use this argument to prevent dissatisfied people from leaving and affecting ratings with no true regard to whether or not the dissatisfied get satisfaction from the show or not. I'd actually find a more truthful "I got mine and yeah, you got squat" statement to be way more respectful of my intelligence.



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