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Not great but entertaining

Pretty straightforward in terms of storyline and meta: 98 lb. weakling becomes powerful through a formula that amplifies who you are inside and goes after the secret scientific/occult wing of the Nazis that then goes rogue and does its own thing.

As for slash potential, there's his neighborhood friend Bucky who goes into the army, rescues and finally dies when they're tracking down the evil scientist helping Red Skull.

I notice that they had an Asian American soldier who gets some lines including stating he's from Fresno. I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Now I'd love a movie Asian American superhero but I don't see one on the horizon.

I did read a review where it said that it wished that Captain America had gone after Hitler or his forces instead of someone like Hitler with powers. But I get it in the sense that there's only so far you can bend history without getting into some really thorny issues. Also Red Skull is his comic canon enemy.

OK, I'm going to say this. Jensen Ackles could've done this role and honestly if it was just his availability standing in the way then I wish that he could've gotten out of SPN past S5 because SPN under Sera fucking Gamble hasn't done shit for him. So I feel it's a missed opportunity.



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